Møbel is a young family-owned design company with strong ties to Danish fur- niture design. We celebrate the classic virtues – the craftsmanship, function- alism and honest materials – but we insist on looking forward and offering furniture designed for today and for the days to come: The classics of to- morrow.

We create every piece of furniture in collaboration with highly skilled de- signers and craftsmen who share our love for beauty, functionalism and inno- vation. Our production is locally based – sustainable and quality crafted – but we sell our products globally.

Angel stool
Angel stool from €195.00
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LEAN 2-seater
LEAN 2-seater €1,879.00
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LILI lounge table
LILI lounge table €889.00
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RIBBON Mirror €174.00
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Coat rack
Coat rack Currently out of stock - €369.00
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LOOP cushion
LOOP cushion €129.00
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LEAN easy chair
LEAN easy chair €1,079.00
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POSTERS €55.00
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