LIND DNA is a young family-owned design company founded by the two sisters Mie and Bine Lind and their father Preben Lind in 2013. In a very short time, they have realized their shared dream of creating a sustainable and unique design company offering products manufactured in Denmark.

From the very beginning, it has been the LIND DNA vision to create design products that move forward and challenge the Danish design tradition. Hence, the founding values are local production, the use of natural and sustainable materials and the family ties. The Lind family is involved in every step from design to production and distribution which helps sustain the unique DNA and high quality in all designs.
Have a look at the awesome products made by LIND DNA. Table Mats, Glass Mats etc. Easy to use, even easier to clean and stunning to add to your interior...


Glass MAT - NUPO curve
Glass MAT - NUPO curve €4.00
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Glass MAT - NUPO square
Glass MAT - NUPO square €4.00
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TableMat NUPO - Square
TableMat NUPO - Square €19.90
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TableMat NUPO - Curve
TableMat NUPO - Curve €19.90
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Glass Mat SHINE - curve
Glass Mat SHINE - curve €5.00
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Glass Mat - circle
Glass Mat - circle €5.00
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TableMat SHINE - Square
TableMat SHINE - Square €26.90
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TableMat SHINE - Curve
TableMat SHINE - Curve €26.90
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Paperblock A5
Paperblock A5 €39.90
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Button Paperblock A5
Button Paperblock A5 €49.90
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RAM Paper block A5
RAM Paper block A5 €99.90
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Curve Candle Holder
Curve Candle Holder €49.90
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Kitchen Roll Holder
Kitchen Roll Holder €89.90
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